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Innanzitutto benvenuto! Qui Pubblico personalmente fotografie e post delle mie opere originali ed autentiche, (a partire dalle più recenti) puoi osservarle e farti un idea e scegliere per richiederla direttamente scrivendomi: indirizzo mail

Scrivi pure per richiedere informazioni sulle quotazioni tecniche o misure, se hai particolari esigenze o richieste puoi inoltre commissionare una su misura anche grande formato dimensioni esempio oltre il metro 150 / 200 spedizioni tramite corriere espresso privato convenzionato

domenica 22 ottobre 2017

Paintings for sale contemporary art affordable art

Original painting for sale contemporary art unique paintings for your Home

Original painting available for purchase title " Mechanics" 150 cm x 100 cm (dimension centimetres when streched) This canvas will ship rolled into a tube delivery guaranteed in Europe UK USA and RUSSIA contact me mail to:
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Original Modern paintings for sale decorate the house with a real painting
Buy original paintings for sale paintings

Original painting on canvas for sale REVOLUTION
measures 150 x 100 cm Available send email for address information lewiswallace @

Decorating the house with Paintings, original paintings for sale tips and examples

Framework available Samba Fitzgerald setting for example 150 cm write an email to lewiswallace @
Framework available Samba Fitzgerald 150 cm request info mail to lewiswallace @
Want to decorate the rooms of the house with modern pictures to your taste and style? Select an original painting buy online
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Contemporary Paintings for sale furnishing home and study the selection of cadres and prices
original paintings choose free shipment all over Europe
looking for new ideas to furnish your home click the video
We want to give light and heat? We choose a solar painting

We want to give a touch of color then choose bright colors and lively
The best solution to enhance the large works usually take advantage of the large walls where they placed the sofas in the living area,
 but in fact an original painting can enhance any room in the house
to run a search box in the site or contact me directly for neutral colors

Sun in empty room 2015 original painting for sale available. setting example

Dive Blue Jazz (2016) measuring 140 cm Framework original single authentic paintings
Sun in empty room 2015 request directly info and prices
Choose combinations and shades to make the most of every space, we evaluate a painting specially
You can directly view the latest works in the gallery click 

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Sample Scene alternative placement of the painting shown above Dive Blue jazz
Contact me directly by sending an email to get close-up pictures lewiswallace @   if you've noticed a picture that interests you for your collection is to receive some proposals art accessible without obligation Buy a single original painting contemporary art for your home